The Horror Called RTE: Envisaged As A Dream Project, It Is Turning Out To Be A Nightmare (by Seetha and Antara Sengupta)

“I want every Indian child, girl and boy, to be so touched by the light of education. I want every Indian to dream of a better future and live that dream.” Those were the words of then prime minister Manmohan Singh in his address to the nation on 1 April 2010, the day the Right[…]

Why Can’t Our Crematoriums Be Grand And Clean? Coimbatore Shows The Way

Coimbatore’s crematoriums are a living man’s dream come true after death! Serene and sombre, they are inviting, to say the least. The gardeners on the manicured grounds are, like those outside mansions on Palm Beach, Florida, hard at work all day long. Time was when the ‘shamshan’ was a dead place, shabby and screaming for[…]

Neduvasal: ‘Full-Time Protesters’ Use Social Media To Whip Up Fears Against Hydrocarbon Project

It is 8.30am, time for the bus to leave Pudukkottai for Neduvasal, the village in the Cauvery delta region that has become the epicentre of protests against the Ministry of Petroleum’s hydrocarbon project in Tamil Nadu. Pudukkottai is 380km south of Chennai, an hour-long journey to Neduvasal. New faces in the bus stand out from[…]