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spread across 550 districts of India.
We are a network of 1400 grassroots reporters
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was awarded the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize in Brussels.
101Reporter Saurabh Sharma
On June 7th 2017,

How it works

We help grassroots reporters write stories that are picked up by international and national media

Story idea

You have a story idea, send it to us. Your story idea could be on social issues; data driven; of human interest; profiles, even hard news. Story ideas will be given context and shape by our editors before pitching it to various publishers.


If a story idea finds approval, the reporter will be told the story style and deadline. Right now we want stories written in English. Going ahead, we will accept stories in the Vernacular, as well. If you are one of the 101Reporters, you may also be commissioned stories.


The story submitted by the reporter is edited, and if required, reworked. Don’t split hair on writing style, or correct English. Leave that to our editors. Final story will be sent for your approval before it is sent to the publisher. All the stories go with reporters’ byline.


Once the story is cleared by the publisher, payment will be made within 30 days. We pay Rs. 3-5 per word, depending on the editing work needed, with a word limit of 900 per article. Even if a story is not published, 101Reporters will compensate, unless you have missed the deadline or not cleared queries from desk. We know the effort that goes into writing a story.

Join our network to tell untold stories

About us

Compelling stories from the grassroots
Enabling grassroots reporters tell untold stories.

Our unique news platform sources original stories from grassroots reporters across the country, then edits and markets them to the national and international media. We bring reporters and publishers on a common platform for wider publication of socially-impacting stories. In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in newsroom operations. Media houses are increasingly engaging reporters on work basis, not full-time. We intend to soften the blow. We believe important stories fail to find space in national media not because publishers are not interested but because they don’t have reporters to report them. And, there are scores of grassroots journalists looking for a platform. We are providing them one. Over the next one year we plan to have at least one reporter covering each of 664 districts of India.

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Are you looking for local assistance for your next story, video or data assignment? Reach out to us. 101Reporters is a growing network of 1400 reporters spread across 550 districts in India.

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