Gauri Lankesh, editor and right-wing critic, shot dead at her Bengaluru home-(By Team101Reporters)

Journalist Gauri Lankesh, who ran a tabloid critical of the right wing, was shot dead outside her Bengaluru home on Tuesday night. Lankesh (55) was the editor of Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a Kannada weekly tabloid that was started in 2005. She was the daughter of writer and journalist P Lankesh, who had started the first[…]

Has the unrest in Kashmir forced schoolgirls to join the stone-pelting protestors? (by Safeena Wani)

Khushboo Jan is the new icon of the Kashmir “resistance”. Jan is a Class 11 student of Nawa Kadal Higher Secondary School. She lives in Noorbagh, a Srinagar suburb. On April 17, Jan was struck on the forehead by a flying missile – a stone. The image of her fainting and falling and Associated Press photojournalist Dar[…]

How participatory development planning is bringing azaadi from poor infrastructure in rural Kashmir (by Sadashiv N)

For Akbar Bhat, the call for Azaadi is a desperate plea for better basic facilities and livelihood opportunities. Hailing from Bandipora district of North Kashmir, one of the most backward regions in India, life is a constant struggle for Bhat. He has to walk 6 kilometres uphill to reach his village along a kaccha path[…]

Journalist booked for not standing for the national anthem (by Prajwala Hegde)

Udhagamandalam/Ooty: On April 13, a journalist who refused to stand up for the national anthem at an event held at a defence establishment in Tamil Nadu, arguing that doing so was his choice and prerogative, was booked for disrespecting the anthem. The journalist who works for a leading English daily, had gone to cover the convocation of the 72nd Staff[…]

BJP Cabinet minister in Assam offers cash to scribes

News reports on corruption in journalism or corrupt journalists usually go viral faster than you can type #paidmedia. Not so much, though, when the news pertains to journalists standing up for professional integrity and refusing to get bribed. Which is perhaps why this story about The Assam Tribune (AT) staff reporter refusing to accept a[…]

Kashmir And A New Language Of Rage

Are Adolf Hitler and Kim Jon-un batting for Kashmiri protestor? Yes, in a way. Nothing seems far-fetched for Kashmir’s Internet warriors. Both madcap despots feature along with a line-up of Hollywood stars in online videos taking pot-shots at the Indian state and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Made using an Android app that’s appropriately called MadLipz,[…]

‘This Village Will Witness What America Under Trump Is Witnessing’

“Hail Lord Rama All Muslims are instructed to leave this village by December 30, 2017. If you don’t leave the village, you yourself will be responsible. If you don’t do as told, then this village will witness what America (under Trump) is witnessing. It’s so because Uttar Pradesh is about to get a BJP government.[…]

Nari Adalat: Women In Rural India Turn to Jury Of Peers For Help

Sitapur: The judiciary is burdened with 2.3 crore pending cases and the judge-to-case ratio is so lopsided at 1:1600 that it has left even the former Chief Justice of India in tears. In December, the former Chief Justice TS Thakur criticised the union government over increasing vacancies at various courts leading to pendency. According to government data, nearly 23,000[…]