Old Srinagar And The Tale Of Its Fading Medieval Charm

Srinagar is one of the oldest cities on the planet, second only to Varanasi, which is today Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency. Modern-day Srinagar, in contrast, is the hub of political unrest, and under curfew for over 100 days. And standing wan sentinels over the unrest in the Valley, in which Srinagar nestles, are[…]

Crumbling Infrastructure, Unemployed Youth: The State Of PM Modi’s Model Village

A cell phone tower, two banks —one of them Syndicate Bank — ATM, post office, street lights run with solar power, houses for Dalit families, a road that should have matched the blacktop in a metro! That is Jayapur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s model village in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. The prime minister has also[…]