Innocent Children Going To School Traveling Through Mud And Marshy Paths

Innocent Children Going To School Traveling Through Mud And Marshy Paths

Innocent Children Going To School Traveling Through Mud And Marshy Paths

Damoh, Madhya Pradesh: While the Madhya Pradesh government is busy advertising its schemes to help the people, the reality on the ground presents a contrasting picture. Students of Ikadatola village in Damoh district have to cover a stretch of muddy road in order to reach their school.

Located in Shivpur panchayat in Hatta block, residents of the village have long demanded a paved road, however, even after numerous requests, the administration is yet to take any step. The students are the most affected as they have to cross the three-kilometre stretch, which was built in 2009, to reach their school every day.

Durga Adivasi, a student of class four, informed that a lot of students fall on the muddy road every day with their bags.

A class five student Panna Lal Adivasi said the students fall on the road on the way to school and get injured, but no one is bothered.

Not only the students, but the teachers of the school also face troubles owing to the condition of the road. The villagers claim that they have requested public representatives and officials with the administration to get the road paved, but the condition of the road remains unchanged.

A resident Murari Patel informed that even patients face trouble owing to the condition of the road. 

Suresh Patel, the principal of the Government Primary School, revealed that the school administration has been constantly demanding for inspection of the road. He added that discussions were also held, but no solution was found. 

P L Tantway, the MLA from Hatta constituency, told 101Reporters that Rs 2 lakh has been allocated through the Panch Parmeshwar Yojana for construction of the road. 

Tikaram Carpenter, the district education officer, said the responsibility for the construction and maintenance of the road falls with the gram panchayat and assured that he would talk to the district officer to find a solution.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Zila Parishad Ashish Agarwal revealed that discussions regarding the condition of the road have been held with the gram panchayat.

He informed that the panchayat can’t take up the project to construct a two-kilometre paved road, and they are trying to find other ways to resolve the issue.


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