After Argument With Muslim Preachers In Tamil Nadu, Hindu Man’s Hands Later Hacked Off

G.Dhanabal | Feb 13, 2019 | 7 min read


Ramalingam Padayaachi a Pattali Makkal katchi Functionary was assaulted by members belonging to the Minority Community thus creating a political tension across the state.

On 5th February a PMK functionary who hails from Kizh thondil vinayagam pettai an area in  Thirubuvanam of Thanjai district in Tamilnadu was assaulted  when he was on the way to home from his workplace. His hands were chopped with billhooks and he died on the way to hospital as he was bleeding profusely.  He was survived by Wife Chitra and Three sons Shyam sunder, Malarmannam and Ilavarasan.

Religious conversion is the reason for this murder says Geetha the sister In law of Ramalingam Padayachi. And she also narrated the event with teary eyes “On 5 th February Ramalingam Padayachi left home at 10 o clock. On his way to workplace he crossed the street of a minority community. And there he had a verbal altercations on the religious conversion with the minority community people. Its said that he strongly opposed the religious conversion. Then he went to his work but where he was followed by a group of unidentified men which was not known to him. Then on his way back to home he was stopped by a group of Muslims who allegedly took over the key of his vehicle. When he asked for the key his right hand was chopped but still the group came to attack his son who was just sitting in the adjacent seat. Then Ramalingam tried to prevent his son from the group and on this act his left hand was also chopped. Then he was taken immediately to the private hospital by his son. Later he was changed immediately to the district Hospital for better medication. But he died on the way.  ” 

Shyam sundar the son of Ramalingam who witnessed the murder narrated the horrific incident. He said “ Me and my my father was on our way back to home. And the assailants chopped my fathers hands  and he was bleeding and they came back to attack  me but my father kicked them and he prevented me from the attack. Ddue to this he got the second attack in his right hand. He chased the assailants by just kicking. But they came again and took the vehicle keys, later they moved from the spot.  I took him to the nearby private hospital where they refused to give treatment then I took him to Kumbakkonam Gh and there he was given first aid and then he was reffered to Thanjavur Gh  as he was critical. Meanwhile police asked me to give a complaint and I filed a complaint in Thriuvidaimaruthur police limits.  ” 

Investigating officer of the case said “ Shyam Sundar son of Ramalingam lodged a complaint in Thirubhuvanam Police station and in that he said Myself and my father after shutting down the shop  were returning to home at 11:30. When we crossed the Muslim street we were blocked by an unidentified gang and they assaulted my father”. Based on his complaint under Indian Penal Code Section 302 against the assailants and we started our search. After that Ramalingam who was admitted in Kumbakkonam GH was very critical he was then taken to Thanjavur medical hospital but there he died. We immediately changed the Section and formed a special team as the incident happened in the muslim area and it is said that it had connection with religious conversion. Criminals will be caught soon and we will ensure that incidents like this will never happen again in future.    

Thanjavur Superintendent of Police Maheshwaran told reporters that “three special teams have been formed to nab other suspects in the murder. He added that investigations were on and that the assailants would soon be nabbed. A case was registered under Indian Penal Code Section 302 (Punishment for murder), based on a complaint filed by Ramalingam's son. Ramalingam's body has been handed over to his family” .

Fearing the unrest over the Murder of Ramalingam Padayachi 250 police personal were deployed in and around Kumbakkonam. A day after the murder of the Ramalingam police nabbed 5 persons who were suspected to be involved in the crime. They are Nizam Ali, Mohammad Azarudeen, Mohammad Riaz, Surabudeen and Mohammad Rizwan. Case has been filled under 21 sections on them. They were produced before the Judicial Magistrate and the case was herd by Justice Shanmugapriya. Additional police force was deployed in the court premises as this case has been considered as a sensitive. 

“ 5 people in connection with the murder of the catering contractor Ramalingaam Padayayaachi  was taken under judicial custody . And they will be on custody till 22 nd of this month” said  Justice Shanmugapriya on her orders.

Advocate for the suspected assailants Muhammad Abbas said “The police arrested five innocent people as they are unable to find the real assailants and they are providing fake information in front of the court. These 5 has been arrested against law and they has been tortured for two days in police custody.  ” 

Political Leaders Reaction on the incident

Leader of opposition and DMK party chief Stalin condemned the incident and he said “The guilty should be punished in front of the law and the Government must ensure that incidents like this should not happen in future and violence should be stopped at any cause.”

Bjp’s national secretary visited Ramalingam’s family and lend his solidarity to the family member. Then he on his address to the press he said “Ramalingam was killed within 10 hours after opposing the religious conversion. This clearly states that he was murdered only for this cause and police can’t deny this. Secularism in India means abolishing Hindu Religion. And I strongly condemn this act as it is a threat for Hindus who live in India. A Hartal will be called by BJP and pro hindu outfits on Monday condemning the incident” 

Meanwhile, PMK chief S Ramadoss condemned the incident strongly and said,” Ramalingam was attempting to prevent a religious conversion. No one with a conscience will accept the heinous murder of someone who opposed religious conversion. Such acts are against humanity. Such acts, ruining religious co-existence and stoking communal violence should not be permitted," said Ramadoss

Jawahirulla the leader of Manithaneeya Makkal Katchi a muslim political outfit also condemned the incident. He said  “ Ramalingam had a friendly relationship with the muslims of that area. This incident is a threat to destroy the peace and secularism of the state. And no one can justify the incident. Police have to find the real culprits and they must be punished in the court of law.”

Seeman Organizing secretary of a Political party called Naam Thamizhar condemned the incident and said”Naam Thamizhar party is with the victim s family. Incidents like this cant be tolerated and the assailants should be punished severly. ”

Note You can add this video also if needed: A video footage is attached with this it shows that the deceased Ramalingam is involved in heated arguments with the Minority Community for the forceful Religious conversion. And in that he ceases the cap of one of the muslim and he applies Vibuthi. (A holy powder given in  temple) to the same person. He was also accusing the Muslims as terrorists in that video. And said Mahatma Gandhi as an anti-national and he said hails for  Nathuram godse. He also asked will they eat the offerings that are offered to Hindu God in temple? And also accused them as the threat to the country and said people like them are foiling the secularism of the state 

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