Tribal students facing the brunt of system’s negligence

Tribal students facing the brunt of system’s negligence

Tribal students facing the brunt of system’s negligence

Karibara, Madhya Pradesh: While technology is supposed to make our daily lives easier, students of Karibara village in Madhya Pradesh are facing the brunt of technology, which causes them to walk about eight kilometers every day to go to school.

Situated in Hata tehsil of Damoh district, over 20 students, who are residents of Karibara, of the Government Middle School in Dhurkheda village have not been granted bicycles since 2013 under the Madhya Pradesh Free Cycle Vitran Yojana as there is a mistake in the uploading of data in the scheme website.

The unavailability of bicycles has given rise to a number of problems for the students.

Pappu Adivasi, a student of class seven, said apart from having to walk eight kilometres every day, they also have to be wary of wild animals while crossing the forest on the way. He added that sometimes due to the rains, they have to miss a day at school.

He added that even though the students have enquired about the status of the bicycles to the headmaster multiple times, they were told that the government officials are yet to approve it.

Paramu Adivasi, a resident of the village, said the students have to face a lot of hardships as the administration is not distributing the bicycles to them.

Ramsig Gound, the headmaster of the school, said there is a problem with the portal. He said the bicycles have arrived but since is no official order, he can’t distribute them to the students.

The Block Resource Coordinator of Hata Tikaram Carpenter said the cycles will be distributed soon.

He stated that the headmaster has been instructed to make transport arrangements for the students and ensure the safety of children. He added that no untoward incident has taken place even though they walk through dangerous areas.

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