Ryan murder case: Interview of Ashok Kumar

Sat Singh | Nov 23, 2017 | 7 min read


Interview of Ashok Kumar

42-year-old Ashok Kumar, a resident of village Ghamroj near Sohna who was arrested on September 8, within few hours of the murder by the Gurgaon police who claimed he had confessed to the crime. The motive behind the murder was attempt to sodomise which did not convince anyone nor the family of the victim nor media fraternity.

After the pressure from the media the police produced him to the media for the confession, he was taken out from a police vehicle was spotted walking towards the media and police officials in a t-shirt and pair of trousers limping. The officials said he is paralised since his birth so had difficulty in walking.

When asked why he killed the boy Kumar said- Me Galat Kaam Kar Raha Tha toilet me(I was masturbating inside the toilet), bache ne darwaza khol diya (Boy opened the toilet gate), darwaza band nahi tha (Door was not locked) and mene usko pakad liya (I caught hold of him) phir mene uska muh band kar diya (I pressed my hands on his lips) wo chilane wala tha (He was about to shout) to me daar gaya(So I got scared) and mene apni jeb se chaku nikal ke usko mar diya (I took out knife from my pocket and slit his throat).

While talking to media, he did not looked confident and gave a blank look. It seemed as if he was tutored and his face, hands and eyes were swollen to which cops said, apko to pata hai laato ke bhoot baato se nahi mante(You know without torture the accused do not confess to crime).

He was kept in the old Gurgaon commissioner office for merely half an hour and was sent to Sohna police station.

On September 9, again the media requested to interview Ashok and his motive behind to which officiating commissioner DCP Simardeep Singh asked the station house officer to allow Ashok to speak to the electronic channels.

During the five minutes interview -

Q.1- Why did you kill that boy

Ans- Budhi Kharab Ho gaye the(Mind had gone for a toss), hos nahi raha(I was not in my senses)

Q.2 Why did you kill him

Ans Because he had seen me inside the toilet while I was masturbating

Q3. Have you ever tried to sodomise any other child before this

Ans No this was the first time

Q4 Are you guilty

Ans Yes

But on September 11, a criminal lawyer from Rohtak offered to represent the accused after local lawyers refused to defend him in Sohna and Gurgaon.

Mohit Verma, 26-year old Rohtak resident, who is a law graduate from Maharishi Dayanand University took the case and met Kumar in the Bhondsi jail on September 14 and got the affidavit signed.

The police had claimed that he is paralytic and walks with a limp. The family, however, claimed that if he was paralysed then how did he work as a driver in the former school. He cleared all the fitness tests. “My husband has no physical problem, he is fit and has no medical history,” said Mamta, Kumar’s wife.

During the first visit of lawyer Ashok narrated the entire incident and retracted from his earlier confession to police.

My client told me he was hung upside down, his face was dipped inside water , current was passed in his body and he was brutally assaulted after which he confessed to the crime.

If Ashok gets bail

Q.1 What happened that day, when the class 2 student was murdered?

Ans. Me school jane baad, jab sab bache uatr gaye the to toilet me gaya, jab ,e bahar aa gaya aur mene water cooler se pani piya to mujhe shor sunai diya. Me toilet ki taraf gaya to mene dekha ek bacha khun me pada tha, Harpal mali ne bola isko hospital leke jana hai madam ki gai me chor aa. Mene socha dharam ka kaam hai aur mene usko utha liya.

Q2. Then what happened when the teachers left for the hospital?

Ans. Jab madam ja rahe the to unhone mujhe bola apne kapde dho lo, nahi to bache dar jayenge. Mene jake apni shirt saaf ki aur paani piya. Me soch raha tha ki kisne kiya hoga aise baache ke sath aur me baki driver and conductors ke pass chala gaya.

Q3. When did the police call you?

Ans Jab me beitha hua tha to police wale aye, unhone sabse puch taj karne shuru ki, jab unko pata chala ki mene bache ko sabse pehle uthaya tha aur mere shift me khun ke daag hai to unhone mujhe bola ki sath chal, tujhse puchtaj karne hai.

Wo mujhe Bhondsi police station le gaye aur phir kaha le gaye mujhe nahi pata chala. Pehle unhone mujhe pucha ki kya hua tha, jab mene unko sab kuch bata diya to unhone bola ki tune khun kiya hai bache ka aur mujhe maarne lag gaye. Mene unke samne hath jode aur kaha ki sahib mere khud do chote bache hai me kyu marunga to unhone mujhe bohot maara aur kaha humare sath bohot sabot hai.

Waha 4 log the, sab mujhe maar rahe the. Jab me phir bhi nahi mana to unhone kaha ki agar tu nahi manega to tere pariwar aur bacho ke sath acha nahi hoga.

Q4 So when did you confess to crime

Ans- Mujhse bardasht nahi ho raha tha, mujhe bohot dard ho raha tha, unhone mere dono paao(legs) ko cheer diya tha, danda(stick) mar rahe the me chila raha tha per wo maarte ja rahe the. Me thak gaya mene socha ki haan to bharne padege aur mene bola sahib jaise bologe waise karunga mujhe maro mat.

Phir koi aur sahib aye, mene unko bhi sach bataya per unhone bhi mujhe maara aur kaha iski tassalli karo ache se.

Q5. Do you names of the police officials who assaulted you and threatened you of dire consequences?

Ans Nahi mujhe kisi ka naam nahi pata, me kaha itna padha likha hu

Q6. When did they tell you to confess in front of media

Ans. Mujhe ek sahib ne bola ki jaise bole waise kar, chota mota chori ka case bana denge aur tujhe chor denge. Tu jab log puche to jaisa yeh bataye waise bola aur mujhe ek sahib ne bola kki bolna tu gaalt kaam kar raha tha aur tune darwaza band nahi kiya tha, bacha ek dum aa gaya aur tune chaku mar diya.

Yeh bhi kaha ki do bar chaku mara tha , puche ki baye ya daye to bolna baye taraf mara tha. Chaku bolna ki Agra se liya tha aur tune school bus ke auzaro ke sath(tool box) rakha hua tha.

Unhone bola ki bolna tune socha aaj chaku ghar le jaunga to tune usko saaf karne ke liye uthaya aur saaf karke apni jeb me rakh liya aur ohir bache ka khoon kar diya.

Sahab ne mujhse bohot bar yeh sab bulwaya, jab me ache se nahi bol pata to mujhe bohot marte the, mujhe majbure me bolna pada.

Q7. How was your stay in jail?

Ans Jail me mujhe kisi ne kuch nahi bola, bus bola tere sath bohut bura hua hai. Amir log kuch bhi kara sakte hai.

Q8. Did you had any hope of coming out?

Ans Nahi mujhe laga tha ki ab me kabhi ghar nahi ja paunga, me bohot rota tha , bahgwan se puchta tah mere kya galti the jo me apne bacho se dur hua.

Q9 How are you feeling today?

Ans Yeh dekho mere haath pe abhi bhi dard hai –showing his hands he said it’s still paining. Mere aankhe(eys) abhi bhi suji (Swollen ) hue hai. Mujhe nend me bhi dard hota hai and ab bhi chalet hue taklef hai. Madam ji bohot mara hai mujhe

Q10 What will you first do

Ans Me apne bacho ke pass jaunga, apni ma pitaji ke sath beithunga aur me aoni behano se milunga. Jisne mera sath diya un sabko dhanwayad karunga

Q11 Will you forgive Gurgaon police ?

Ans Pata nhi jaise sab bolenge waise karunga. Mere sath bohot bura hua, mujhe bohot mara hai



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