Mamta Todi

101 gives me the liberty to cover all beats and a medium to be heard and read. Love and live by my bylines! Boosts my morale to come back to full time journalism. The story on aviation that I last filed with 101 was a remarkable experience. I have been covering aviation since my full-time journalism days.

Mudasir Kuloo

Mudasir Kuloo

101Reporters gives me the liberty to cover all beats and a medium to be read. It boosts my morale to come back to full-time journalism. Being a mother and based in Bhopal, opportunities are now few for me but 101Reporters has given me the confidence to continue reporting.


Sat Singh

I have done several fabulous stories with 101Reporters. It has always been a great experience working on offbeat but socially relevant stories. I remember going out of my way to work on a story for weeks and finally cracking it. The desk of 101Reporters chiselled the story into a compelling narrative, which became a hit after it was published.

Manish Chandra Mishra

Manish Chandra Mishra

My journey with 101Reporters has been very fruitful. It was one of the reasons that I could build a profile that was fit for my current job. Though I was not a staffer at 101, you all made me feel so welcome that 101Reporters has become a part of my life. You are doing a wonderful job in the field of journalism.


Himanshi Matta, Oxfam

We worked with 101 reporters in 2018 when severe floods affected the southern Indian state of Kerala. Our humanitarian teams were deployed on the ground but were unable to send our communication officers to help document our work and testimonies of those affected by the disaster. We decided to use the services of 101 reporters as they were recommended by other non-governmental organisations. Their teams on the ground worked in difficult circumstances but were highly professional and understood the importance of our guidelines while documenting content. We had a great experience working with 101 reporters and we wish them the best for their path breaking work on RTI-led research, niche and custom content and local ground support.


William Davies, Film Maker, Journalist

Gangadhar and his team at 101Reporters have always produced excellent work - not only can they use their vast network of journalists around India to find interesting stories, but they are also able to film and produce them to a very high standard. I can not recommend them highly enough.


Abhirr VP, Senior Campaigner, Amnesty International India

101Reporters extensive network across India has been very helpful to Amnesty International India in covering human rights issues. From human rights violations whether it happens in cities or it happens in rural India we trust 101 reporters to help us in covering the story.


Brendan Hoffman, Photographer

101Reporters was extremely helpful when I needed to find local producers to work with me on a photography assignment in Punjab and Ladakh. Gangadhar was diligent in his communication, and the members of the team I was connected with were not only professional in their work, but were great people; we ended the assignment friends as much as colleagues


Samar Halarnkar, Editor, Article 14

I have worked closely with reporters and editors from 101reporters.com over the last few years, and I can say without hesitation that they are a boon for small, independent newsrooms, especially those without the ability and resources to reach across this vast, complex nation. Their reporters have--at competitive cost--doggedly pursued every story thrown at them, regardless of subject, area, difficulty or complexity. Their biggest asset, to me, has been their cheerful willingness to listen, learn and adapt and work with a range of outside editors. For instance, an award-winning hate-crime database that I ran required working not only in tense, difficult situations but demanded doggedness in finding and bringing in proof. Their reporters delivered each time, willingly enduring multiple rounds of editing and reworking copy. Indeed, without 101reporters.com, database verifications and investigations would not have been possible. Their range and repertoire is vast, and I unhesitatingly recommend their editorial services.


Pankti Mehta Kadakia, Assistant Editor, Forbes India

I’ve had the privilege to be on both sides of the 101 Reporters fence, first as a writer, gaining access to some coveted bylines including one on CNN; and now commissioning stories to the network for Forbes India. 101 Reporters has helped us widen our reach and dig out important and interesting stories from regions we would not otherwise be able to access, including Begusarai, Ayodhya and a great series from Kashmir. I’ve found their work ethic to be very professional; they always deliver on deadlines and pitch stories that are relevant to the publication. I’d recommend them from both sides of the fence.


Madhur Singh, Editor, IndiaSpend

In our long-standing collaboration, 101Reporters has always come through to bring us original, grassroots reporting to match our exacting standards. Their team are committed and driven, with a can-do spirit that carries the day whenever we reach out for reportage from remote corners, even for niche projects and with very specific or layered requirements.


Charu Sudan Kasturi, Senior Editor, OZY

101 Reporters is much more than just a network of grassroots reporters from across India — and a few beyond. It's an idea that will increasingly find resonance in different countries of the world. As major newspapers shrink their newsrooms, the 101 Reporters model could help them avoid slipping into an echo chamber where they no longer receive news and features from small towns and rural areas. OZY has partnered with 101 Reporters for more than a year, on multiple projects. From the range of brilliant ideas and pitches their reporters come up with, to the high standards of initial editing that their editors offer, the 101 Reporters team is a joy to work with. They're always cooperative, receptive to suggestions, prompt with communication, and timely in their delivery. I wish them the best.