101Reporters looks back on 2017

As we usher in a new year, we take a look back at some of the exciting stories our grassroots reporters helped bring to light in the past twelve months – from bitcoin robberies in small towns to Assam’s flood victims being given a burial in the very waters that killed them, these stories are startling, touching, inspiring, sad and funny.


Assam’s watery graves


A Bitcoin robbery in small-town UP? It really happened

A Bunty and Babli-style crime played out in a nondescript Uttar Pradesh town recently. Only there was no Babli to help this Bunty. Sandeep Chaturvedi, alias Bunty, a notorious criminal who has cancer and is reportedly mentally unstable, was arrested on the charge of looting Bitcoins worth about Rs 25 lakh from a local businessman at gunpoint.

How Bhojpuri cinema went from family friendly to soft porn

An institution that saw its birth with the encouragement that India’s first president gave a fellow Bihari to make a film in their own language, Bhojpuri films today have travelled far from their cultural roots into the territory of sleaze, loud music and violence. How did this transition happen?

This village is using CCTV cameras to curb open defecation. And no one wants to be caught pants down

With more than 1.14 lakh villages, 61 districts and three states — Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim — having been declared open defecation free (ODF) across India under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the sanitation achievement no longer calls for tom-tomming. But, Kapasi village in Balod district of Chhattisgarh, which was declared the first ODF village in the district, deserves to be talked about as it has done things differently. The village has taken the help of CCTV cameras to stop people from defecating in the open.

 The man who saved a railway station

Meet Surat Singh (60), a resident of Gajuwala village in Haryana’s Fatehabad district. For the last 20 years, he has been buying a train ticket every single day. Not because he needs to travel for work, but merely to keep the lone railway station in his area alive. In 1996-97, the railway authorities had decided to shut the railway station owing to low ticket sales. That’s when Singh learnt about a government rule that says a railway station shall be kept active so long as it meets the minimum requirement of ticket sales. Since that day, he religiously buys a ticket every day.

The graveyard inside my home

In Pokar, an Uttar Pradesh village situated 32 kilometres away from Taj Mahal, Muslim households have no option but to bury their dead in their compound. The Muslims are a minority in this village and don’t have a burial ground, despite repeated pleas to the government. Occasionally, heavy rain washes away the land above the graves and exposes the corpse. There are children who had been traumatised since stumbling upon such a sight and haven’t recovered for years now. Owing to their predicament, the Muslims not only live with dead but also face boycott from the villagers.

Kashmiri youngsters are using Virat Kohli’s image to dodge security forces. Here’s How

Deception is the name of the game in Kashmir and India cricket captain Virat Kohli is its face. For the Valley’s youth, who are playing a cat and mouse game with the Army and CRPF, Kohli’s photographs on their smartphones are a life-saver when caught in tight situations.

Cigarette companies like ‘em young

From handing out smokes on the street as promotions to mock surveys with a free pack of cigarettes at the end of it, tobacco companies use many flashy techniques to get young people hooked on to nicotine. An insider’s look at this institution.

A tale of two villages in Gorakhpur

Two villages near the ill-fated BRD Medical College, where over 70 children died within a few days of encephalitis, tell two completely different stories of how the disease is being managed. While in Manbela, almost every house has seen an encephalitis-related death, 20 km away in Holiya not a single child has died in three years.

Flood victims in Assam are consigned back to the water

Chandra Kanta Rabha of Jonai in Assam’s Dhemaji district is a broken man after having had to give his family a watery burial, setting them afloat inside jute bags. His wife Padmawati and son Raju, all of 12, died of drowning in the raging Brahmaputra. While they could not be saved, the villagers caught hold of their bodies floating in the water and set about looking for land to bury them. Only, there was none.

Bangalore crime map throws up some surprising insights

This enthralling series on crime in Bengaluru, based on police data accessed by 101Reporters and IndiaSpend through Right to Information filings, analyses and maps crime in the city, bringing to light some interesting trends like high crime-rate in prosperous areas of the city and increasing incidents of identity theft.

Thank you for drinking with us

A 62-year old man in UP was awarded a bicycle for drinking country liquor worth Rs 65,000 in last six months which translates to 288.8 litres of whisky or about 1.6 litres on an average every day. Krishna Kant Bhagat was widely felicitated by his fellow villagers in Mail Chauraha, Deoria district for this feat; he was garlanded, carried on people’s shoulders, patted on the back and was also gifted a bicycle worth Rs 3000.