Kashmiri youngsters are using Virat Kohli’s image to dodge security forces (By Suhail A Shah)

Deception is the name of the game in Kashmir and India cricket captain Virat Kohli is its face. For the Valley’s youth, who are playing a cat and mouse game with the Army and CRPF, Kohli’s photographs on their smartphones are a life-saver when caught in tight situations. On June 18 as Pakistan inched toward[…]

This petrol pump on the Assam-Nagaland border used solar energy to power up its business (By Syeda Ambia Zahan and Aamir Hazarika)

Nature has a solution for every problem. A petrol pump on the Assam-Nagaland border bears testimony to this. With frequent power cuts being the order of the day, operations were being affected at this pump as fuel dispensers need electricity to function. The owner of the pump decided to harness solar power to keep his[…]

Solar-powered boat clinics in flood-ravaged Assam deliver essential healthcare (By Chandrani Sinha)

In the flood-ravaged areas surrounding the Brahmaputra river in Assam, equipping boat clinics with solar panels has given a shot in the arm to the vision of bringing healthcare within everyone’s reach. Along the river’s path lie about 2,500 river islands, bereft of development and inhabited by small farmers and tribals. Every year when the[…]

A Bengaluru startup aims to take the pain out of pre-delivery monitoring of mothers-to-be (By Kavita Patil)

Most hospitals and clinics in India are understaffed and doctors and nurses overworked. So while other industries may be reeling under the threat of job losses due to technology, medical professionals in India would only be happy if tech took over their tedious tasks. A Bengaluru-based startup has developed a technology that aims to do[…]

Gorkhaland protests: Elite Darjeeling residential schools now fear admitting foreign students (Syeda Ambia Zahan)

Schools and colleges in Darjeeling, which is known as much for its fine educational institutes as for its scenic beauty, are staring at a delayed academic calendar and a high dropout rate as the town remains mired in violence. The West Bengal government’s decision to make learning Bengali compulsory till class 10 sparked protests from[…]

A Bitcoin robbery in small-town UP? It really happened (By Saurabh Sharma and Rahul Tiwari)

A Bunty and Babli-style crime played out in a nondescript Uttar Pradesh town recently. Only there was no Babli to help this Bunty. Sandeep Chaturvedi, alias Bunty, a notorious criminal who has cancer and is reportedly mentally unstable, was arrested on Wednesday on the charge of looting Bitcoins worth about Rs 25 lakh from a[…]

Darjeeling unrest: Looked down upon by Bengalis, Gorkhas feel alienated in their own land (By Syeda Ambia Zahan)

Their domicile certificate might say they belong to West Bengal but ask any Gorkha and they will tell you they don’t really feel like they belong to the state. “Racial slur is a common phenomenon in West Bengal. Sometimes, we are called ‘Chinki’, sometimes ‘Khukri terrorist’ and ‘outsider’ too,” Bipin Lama, a Gorkha youth studying[…]

Gorkhaland unrest: After internet shutdown, electronic media directed to stop airing Darjeeling protests (By Syeda Ambia Zahan)

With the internet not available, journalists are cut off from the leader of the agitation, Bimal Gurung of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. He’s gone underground and now the only way presspersons can communicate with him is by writing their question on a piece of paper unlike previously where Bimal would reply to emails. Reporters now go[…]