Meet the sarpanch who upgraded this UP hamlet to a smart village, all for ₹15 lakh (By Saurabh Sharma and Durgesh Kumar Srivastava)

Hasuri Ausanpur village in Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh is a tech geek’s dream come true. Yes, you heard right. This village, with 23 Wi-Fi hotspots and 23 CCTV cameras for its population of just over 1,000, can give most high-tech college campuses a run for their money. Spread over 650 acres, Hasuri, near the[…]

Rohtak’s WhatsApp report-a-cop drive has 100 policemen challaned (By Sat Singh)

Every motorist who has had to pay a fine for a traffic violation knows the heartburn that comes from seeing policemen flouting road rules with impunity. The tables are being turned in Haryana’s Rohtak. The superintendent of police (SP) has asked city residents to report policemen breaking the law by sending in photographs and videos[…]

Tencent-backed Indian health care startup faces tax probe ( By Gangadhar S Patil)

BANGALORE, India — Practo, a high-flying health care startup backed by China’s Tencent Holdings, is being investigated by Indian authorities looking into whether it evaded tax through a cross-border corporate restructuring. According to a notice from the Bangalore office of the Department of Income Tax seen by Nikkei Asian Review, Practo executives have been summoned[…]

Impersonation, Identity Theft Most Common Cyber Crimes Reported In Bengaluru (By Elizabeth Mani)

Bengaluru: A Kannada film actress was recently in the news for filing a police complaint alleging that unknown persons had morphed and circulated “nude” pictures of her on social media. Some months back, a legislator from a constituency near Bengaluru had approached the police against hackers who had siphoned off Rs 190,000 from his bank[…]

This Assam engineer’s microlight hydro turbine may challenge the very idea of big dams (By Aamir Hazarika)

Big dams don’t find takers in northeast India anymore. They alter the course of the river and damage the ecology. But states have to generate power. So, what do they do? They’ve turned to micro-hydel power projects — ones that generate 5-100 KW electricity using the natural flow of water. While big dams generate power[…]

Bogged down by fever? This jacket can bring down the heat in just 20 minutes (By Hitesh Sharma)

How often have you sat by your child, cold compress or cloth-dipped-in-cold-water in hand, trying to bring down his or her raging fever even as you negotiate deadlines at work or ignore your household chores? Here’s an anti-fever jacket that you can make them wear to bring the body temperature down a couple of notches[…]

Now, drone sprayers to save farmers in Haryana from pesticide poisoning (By Sat Singh)

A couple of days ago, FactorDaily published a story about a professor of IISc who is piloting a seed-bombing project using drones in Karnataka’s Kolar district to convert fallow areas into forests. And now we have a farmer from Haryana who has customised drones that can spray pesticides on crops from the sky. The drone can[…]

Internet, social media ban hits bottomlines of ecommerce businesses in Jammu & Kashmir (By Mudasir Kuloo)

After inaugurating a highway tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) on April 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the youths of the state to choose tourism over terrorism, promising them jobs and investment. Before the month could end, authorities enforced an internet ban in the region. Barely a month before that, on April 26,[…]

‘I Saw [Soldiers] Kill And Rape Women’: 3 Rohingya Women Recount Horrors From Their Past (By Safeena Wani)

“My son was 16,” says Mehjabeen. “One night, Burmese soldiers raided our house, beat us black and blue and took my son away.” She never found out what happened to him. Her husband died of a heart attack a year later. His last wish was to see his son. Mehjabeen is sitting with Naseema Begum,[…]

This Haryana teacher’s ‘jugaad’ has made learning super fun for her students (By Sat Singh)

Children in India’s villages go to school mostly for the mid-day meal, but students of Government Primary Girls’ School (it’s a co-education school) in Dobh village of Haryana’s Rohtak district need no such motivation. One of the teachers, Pooja Singh, has introduced an audiovisual teaching model, which has caught their fancy. Singh has made learning fun[…]