Facebook’s suicide prevention feature is not stopping people from taking their lives on camera (Sat Singh)

Deepak Kumar Rohilla, 32, of Sonipat district in Haryana, hanged himself while streaming his suicide on Facebook (FB) Live last week. His sister Neelam Rani and his friends watched him killing himself on FB, helplessly pleading with him: “Don’t do this brother, we all are there for you,” Neelam commented on the Live post. She[…]

Shortage of staff In civic-run hospitals in Mumbai (by Prathamesh Mulye)

Below par healthcare facilities could be responsible for driving relatives of patients to the edge, a look at the status of medical infrastructure in Maharashtra suggests. Thousands of doctors in Mumbai had gone on a mass casual leave in the third week of March after a doctor in a civil hospital in Dhule was beaten black and[…]

Four engineers from Bengaluru are bringing ecommerce to the fingertips of the visually impaired (by Prajwala Hegde)

We’re often glued to our smartphones or laptops, looking for the best deal, ordering groceries online, buying movie or air tickets, booking tables to dine out or reading ebooks. But have you ever thought how visually impaired people navigate the ecommerce space? Well, four young people thought about it and came up with a device[…]

BJP Cabinet minister in Assam offers cash to scribes

News reports on corruption in journalism or corrupt journalists usually go viral faster than you can type #paidmedia. Not so much, though, when the news pertains to journalists standing up for professional integrity and refusing to get bribed. Which is perhaps why this story about The Assam Tribune (AT) staff reporter refusing to accept a[…]

Coca-Cola nears biggest showdown with India activists

BANGALORE — As India’s clean water shortage grows, environmental campaigns against Western soft-drink companies are gaining momentum. A court forced PepsiCo, a U.S. food and drinks group, to shutter a decade-old bottling plant in the state of Kerala in February by directing industries to reduce water usage by 75% because of a drought. The plant,[…]

Mini dangal: How riots made way for celebration of Haryana’s soft power

It started off as a Facebook page to bring members of the community together, but in a few short months, it has evolved into a much-loved platform that’s spearheading a cultural revolution of sorts. The Bol Haryana Facebook page, which was launched in July 2016, has more than 1.76 lakh followers and flaunts a verified[…]