A reporter in a rural district of India uses WhatsApp to broadcast local news — and makes money doing it

Ask someone for the local news in the Pilibhit district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh — near the Nepal border and 135 miles away from the state’s capital of Lucknow — and you’ll occasionally get the answer: “Look on WhatsApp!” That’s the platform one local reporter is using to build a subscriber-driven news[…]

Kashmir And A New Language Of Rage

Are Adolf Hitler and Kim Jon-un batting for Kashmiri protestor? Yes, in a way. Nothing seems far-fetched for Kashmir’s Internet warriors. Both madcap despots feature along with a line-up of Hollywood stars in online videos taking pot-shots at the Indian state and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Made using an Android app that’s appropriately called MadLipz,[…]

An app is keeping the doctor away, and helping fight malnutrition among kids in north Karnataka

Five-year-old Anandappa lives in a slum in Annigeri town of Dharwad district in north Karnataka. The son of daily wage labourers, the child was severely malnourished until a few months ago. Field facilitators of Magu Nee Nagu, a malnutrition eradication programme, found Anandappa in early 2013 while conducting a door-to-door survey in the slum. They[…]

Failed Promises On Pothole Filling In Mumbai

Mumbai by any other name is ‘Potholes’! India’s ‘Maximum City’ has the maximum number of potholes. Kilometre after kilometre pockmarked with potholes – treacherous & ugly; big & small. Come Monsoon, they turn killer potholes. Not just in Mumbai, potholes kill all over Maharashtra. According to the Road Accident report, 3416 people died in 2015 in pothole-related[…]

‘This Village Will Witness What America Under Trump Is Witnessing’

“Hail Lord Rama All Muslims are instructed to leave this village by December 30, 2017. If you don’t leave the village, you yourself will be responsible. If you don’t do as told, then this village will witness what America (under Trump) is witnessing. It’s so because Uttar Pradesh is about to get a BJP government.[…]

Monkey business

Chained to a stone pillar under a thatched roof by the road in Narsapur village, 400km from Hyderabad, are three grey langurs with distinctive black faces and light grey bodies. Barely two-four years old, they are munching on the leaves and vegetables their owner, Pendrao Bujji, has thrown their way. But they are already formidable[…]

Floating small parties seems to be a big business in Uttar Pradesh

As India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of assembly seats in the country – 404 – and one-fourth of all unrecognised political parties (1,786) in the country (a party can be registered but unrecognised). Among its 474 unrecognised political parties are sundry small outfits vying for seats against the bigwigs –[…]